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Finding a trustworthy and affordable tow service can be a hassle. Many companies may take your time for granted or show little care for promptness and reliability, while others may have little regard for your vehicle when hooking it up. You don't have to worry about any of this with Freedom Tow Hawaii. Our Honolulu, Hawaii, team offers careful and timely roadside assistance and towing services to meet your specific needs. Whether you need us after a collision or for relocating your car, we will be there to help you.

Towing a Muscle Car


Freedom Tow Hawaii is constantly updating its equipment to fit the unique needs of Honolulu, Hawaii, customers. We have both wreckers, flatbeds, and low clearance units to efficiently tow regular, high-end, and classic vehicles. We offer services to:

• Individuals Moving
• Mechanic Shops
• Car Dealers
• Transportation Companies • Military Families & Personnel

We can pick up your vehicle from:

• Ocean/Beach
• Ditches
• Cliff Sides
• Car Garages
• Buildings
• Highways & More

Roadside Assistance

Our local tow company doesn't just tow vehicles, we also help fix minor car problems. When you are standing on the side of the road with no idea of what's wrong with your car, we can offer some insight. Tell us your concerns and we can provide helpful tips. We can help with:

• Fuel Pumps
• Alternators
• Batteries
• Water Pumps
• Flat Tires

If your transmission is the problem and needs work, we can tell you the parts/service at Sears or other auto stores. We look at the best shops with great reputations. Our next job is to recommend the best place to have your ride towed to.


We offer very competitive pricing. Reach out to us at our Honolulu, Hawaii, office for the details and your copies of paperwork.

Man Inspecting a Truck